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Houston dentist Chase Baker DDS changes lives every day through dentistry! Leave a review of your own or see what our patients have to say about their experience:

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What our patients have said about us:

I had a train wreck in my mouth. I needed dentures-the only question was what kind. I had retired and my old dental work was in poor shape. I had put off repairs for too long. Just patching my issues, never really fixing them. I went to see Dr. Baker. He was close to our house and when I went in for a check up, I liked him very much. He put me at ease and was very gentle. He explained everything clearly and laid out all of my options along with his recommendation. There is no hard sell, just compassionate care. Dr. Baker is just great! I’d recommend him to anyone. He has literally changed my life with the Smile-in-a-Day procedure. They fit like a dream and are easy to keep clean. Dr. Baker and Dr. Orfanos (the oral surgeon Dr. Baker works closely with) are the best dentists I have ever been to. The procedure was well worth the fee. The second night after I had my teeth placed, I woke my husband at 2 a.m. and told him, “I LOVE these teeth!!”. They really are wonderful. Get teeth that you will put in your mouth and use, not ones you’ll put in a water glass. Thanks Dr. Baker! You truly improved my life!

-Jackie Wray, Actual Patient

You are very compassionate and I am very grateful to you for listening to me and truly hearing what I had to say. You never made me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed for being so panic-stricken about having any work done on my teeth. Thank you for spending so much time answering my questions and calling to make sure I was doing well after the first visit. As I gazed into the mirror this morning I felt pleased with my smile. I think my smile looks amazing! I am motivated to take special care of these new teeth so they last the rest of my life!

Thank you for all you did throughout this process. I am truly grateful that you are my dentist.”

-Annesta Lunde, Actual Patient

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