Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Oral (Dental) Appliance – Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment

Time-Tested Effective Therapy

Our clinic offers its patients a proven, therapeutic option to conventional treatment of sleep disordered breathing. Known as a dental appliance, or oral sleep appliance, the removable devices are today recognized as an effective, safe and non-invasive remedy for snoring and sleep apnea by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. (see OSA Practice Parameters)

Currently there are over 40 brands of dental devices on the market. While each device has its own merits, we prescribe only those appliances which continue to provide our patients with real, measurable relief as well as providing the wearer with the greatest degree of comfort.

Alternative Non-Surgical Treatment

All medical therapies for severe snoring and obstructive sleep apnea attempt to alleviate the cause and symptoms associated with these conditions. Treatments include dental sleep appliances, surgery to remove obstructions in the throat that interfere with breathing and CPAP assisted breathing machines which force air and maintain oxygen levels during sleep.

An oral appliance is fitted and created by a dentist. Our custom-made dental appliance is well suited for both snoring relief and mild to moderate forms of sleep apnea. Similar to an athletic mouth guard, the device is worn orally while sleeping, then removed in the morning.

A dental device works by helping to prevent soft tissues in the throat from closing – and thus keeping the airway free of obstruction. Some brands actively hold the lower jaw in a forward position and others gently restrain the tongue from relaxing back against the air passage.

Dental Appliance Vs. CPAP Machine

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is usually the first treatment suggested for OSA. However, many patients find CPAP to be cumbersome and intolerable.

Comparatively, if the patient is diagnosed as a potential candidate, a sleep appliance can offer them the same degree of relief with a much better acceptance rate.


  • Higher comfort level
  • Less confining and restrictive
  • Quiet – no disturbing sound
  • Device is small and very portable
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance

As always, our goal is to help our patients stay healthy while improving their quality of life and personal comfort.

The Benefits Are Obvious

Although dental appliances may not be suitable treatment in severe obstructive sleep apnea, the remedy has already proved to be a practical option to painful surgery, drugs and CPAP in the vast majority of cases. Oral appliance therapy has been so successful in treating snoring and sleep apnea that today postgraduate courses are helping dentists learn more about it.

Our objective is to encourage people to seek medical attention. We work closely with patients and their physicians to examine and diagnose each person to determine if their condition, their teeth, bone structure and their desire for alternate therapy make them a potential recipient.

We’re Available To Help You

Made and fitted especially for you, our safe, effective and simple dental device has excellent patient approval. Contact our office today and let the doctor perform an evaluation to see if you’re a candidate for treatment.